Our planet is under immense strain.

As climate change, war and conflict and harmful agricultural practices continue to wreck havoc on our planet; food stability, access and availability are affected negatively.

The biggest challenge to food security is climate change. Our natural resources are being depleted.

One in nine people in the world do not have adequate access to food. With agriculture that is done right, agriculture that protects the environment and serves people, we can change this. An additional 2 billion people are expected by 2050 Рthe agricultural sector will have to make major changes in order to meet the increasing demand.

The agricultural sector may have to make major changes, but so will the hospitality and food industries. Food – and the water, time and other resources used to make it – can no longer go to waste.

Food security is for everyone.

Especially the world’s poorest and neediest countries. The abundance of the earth can and must be shared by all.

Our contribution is to buy and run as many sustainable bio-friendly food farms as we can. With your help, poverty and hunger will become history.