Quality education gives an individual an advantage.

We believe that education should not only expose people to knowledge, but that it should give them the tools to grow their talents and gifting. The Global Business Roundtable is made up of individuals who honour God with their gifts, who excel in their fields, and who seek and create opportunities for growth in these.

In it is with the same attitude that the Fund aims to bring quality education and leadership training to as many parts of the globe as possible.

We aim to do this by supporting education in a number of ways.

These include building schools, strengthening existing basic, secondary and tertiary institutions; and creating a steady pipeline of leaders through our leadership academy.


We master our fields by learning from the masters. The Global Business Roundtable’s (GBR) Leadership Academy connects GBR leaders at local, national and global levels with industry experts who have vast experience and industry knowledge. Aspiring GBR leaders in possession of a matric certificate/ O levels, or any other international high school qualification are eligible for participation. This is an opportunity for individuals to gain specialised insights into their chosen field and to develop their skills.